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11 March 2013 @ 11:48 am
I haven't made a post in here in ages. So now that one thing came up on my lecture, which made me think and want to voice out some thoughts, I decided to try and activate my journal again.

Sometimes I really can't stand humanity.

It makes me sick to my stomach to even think what people are ready to do and say. Especially on internet. Internet-bullying is so easy because of the anonymity that internet provides. And some people are so ready to take advantage of it.

My lecturer told us about how some researchers won't even dare to publish their research on internet (eg. if the research has been done about immigrants etc), because of the awful reception it gets. The comments they get, stuff like "I know where you live" "I know where your kids go to school", are so horrible. No wonder they won't dare to publish their research.

Even if those comments are usually 'a joke' and won't lead to anything, they are so awful. The thought that it might actually be real and something might happen to your own children.... I don't know. People are horrible.

My lecturer also gave us an example about some (Finnish) program that researched food that was traditional in Finland. And they came to a conclusion that many of the food that is traditional in Finland have actually come from Sweden.

That program also received some nasty comments. A famous chef of Finland was also a part of the show, and I don't remember for certain if it was actually him who the comments were directed but, there was stuff like "Don't keep making this show or you and your family's blood will spill all the way to Sweden".

Yes, it was obviously a joke too, my lecturer said. But imagine doing your job and trying to make an interesting show to people, and then receive comments that actually threaten your life. How horrible is that.

I'm so disappointed in humanity. And I get this sort of disappointed feeling every now and then, when I see or hear something like this. Of course this is only a small part of humanity compared to the whole human population on earth, but it is the part that makes one think. There are loads of good people on Earth but unfortunately there are also these sort of shitty people. And I guess there always will be so there is actually no point in this post. But I wanted to get rid of my thoughts some way.

Okay, end of rant now. What a cheerful post to make after a long time of no updating. 
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24 December 2011 @ 12:04 am
Merry Christmas!!

It's 24th of December! Christmaaaaas!!

I haven't been very active in here lately, but I'm not dead~! I've just gotten too used to twitter and mainly keep tweeting there. Nothing very big has happened either. I got into University this year, so I've been studying computer science for 4 months now. Then I was in Japan in August with 4 friends, it was awesome. But don't wanna think too much about it or I'll start whining again how much I want to go back! (....Kisumai cons, Osaka, Kyoto, the people... I WANNA GO BACK. ;;)

I'm too tired to start ranting about everyday life, so I'll just stop. And I'll try to post in here too every now and then. XD;

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07 October 2011 @ 06:21 pm
Here I though this day would actually be good.

No school, some shopping, moving some stuff to our apartment. And then the bad news.

Had to lock myself in to the bathroom to get over the worst part of tears before I could face my parents again.

I don't really know what to say. Thinking back about this year and the last, there has been nothing good except Kisumai's debut. All the other stuff has been shit. Except maybe Ebisu's concert. But still.

Made me partly think why do we love this fandom so much, when praxtically all it gives to us is shit? Don't get me wrong, i'm not quitting this fandom. No way of that happening.

Right now I feel so empty. NEWS was my first jpop group. Pi was my first je crush. haha, I feel sort of betrayed. ;__; It's Jin all over again. Only this time it's not one, but two. :(

There went the chances of me seeing NEWS live. As six (most likely at all). But guess we'll get over this, with time? We've gotten through every shitty thing anyway.

Thank you guys, you can't even imagine how much happiness you've given me in these years i've been in this fandom. I appreciate it. Hope you will do well in the future. ♥

(And their jnet page looks really empty now. ;;______;;)
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17 September 2011 @ 07:59 am
北みつ お誕生日おめでとう!!

26 years old, you. Why haven't you changed a bit? :3
What should I say? Thank you for always being there, as a part of Kis-My-Ft2.
Thank you for the awesome memories you (all) gave us on those two days last month, they were the best days of my life. It's been almost exactly one month since then, and I miss you very much. Hopefully I can see you again next year? I hope you will remember us, now that you sort of know us too, or at least know we are here. :D

Thank you. Very much.
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10 August 2011 @ 08:27 am
 I have to follow my friends' examples and make a post today because, 1. I haven't posted anything in ages -again- and 2. This is something that deserves a post of its own.

Congratulations on your debut!!

(ignore the official website there, I couldn't get a picture without it. XD;) You've done well guys. ♥ I'll see you next week, 'kay?

Today, the long-awaited Japan trip is finally here! Me and kuro_chin are leaving to the airport in about... 3 hours? Approximately. The other three are already on their bus, since they have earlier flight than we have. And still we're there practically the same time. XD 

Time for some last minute packing and checking I have everything I need with me. I'm a bit worried if my luggage can take everything I need to take with me when it's time to return to Finland. Well, I'll take all my mags and stuff like that to the plane then, I can take 8kg as hand luggage. 8D Or then I'll go crawling to kuro_chin and ask her to take some of my stuff to her luggage if it's bigger. XD;; We'll see.

Was I supposed to talk about smth else? I can't remember.  So, I'll go to check my luggage. Still need to pack the uchiwa stuff for somewhere. :D See ya later guys!
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31 May 2011 @ 11:58 pm
Haha, would it be time to post again? It's been more than a month.

Hmm, what should I write. My comp keeps working really slow. D: I think it's because of both twitter and tumblr open all the time. XD;

I've been having long workdays again. Today from 12.15 to 21.15 (well, 21.30). Feling pretty dead... Tomorrow, 7 hours. On Friday 9 hours. Where is my free time?
I've also been srsly tired for the past few days. Like yesterday and today, my morning (=time before work) went like this:

Waking up. Reading for the exam. Calming my brains down by reading another book -> doze off. Doze off a bit more. And a bit more. Go to work.

Sounds like fun, right?

Well, luckily my customers keep me entertained. Today I again saw one guy who always tries to get me to be his driver when he goes drinking or stuff like that.
First he told me my work gloves are really sexy. ....Thanks. I appreciate it. -.-b

Then he said how I had promised to drive him to Rönni on saturday. I said that really? He said yes. I said I don't remember promising anything like that. He said I promised yesterday. I said I didn't see him yesterday and he said that he saw me. Right...  XD Sorry, not gonna drive you anywhere. 

I would've liked to see more people who always embarrass me (they are all men btw... I wonder why... Guess men are just mean! XD). Since I've been on holiday I haven't seen anyone for almost two weeks and I kinda miss them teasing me. :'DD

Oops, it's almost midnight and I haven't done my sit-ups. Gotta go~
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20 April 2011 @ 06:34 pm
How bad luck can a person be with a small wine bar? Answer: Really bad.

We bought a small wine bar from Gigantti, because dad wanted one and we actually have room for it. Well, at home we noticed its door was not straight. Mom and dad returned it and got a new one to replace it.

That one's door was straighter. We put it in place and dad started to see how it works. Then he noticed that this one has some sensor problems. Great. Dad called to a repairer and few days later a guy came to pick it up.

Time goes. Dad calls them and they tell how it's in xxx place, giving the impression it should be ready soon. "So, they haven't even ordered replacement parts," Dad said to us after the phone call.

More time goes and today dad called again. They said they're checking it right now. After two hours, they call to dad and tell him that it has sensor problem and they need to order replacement parts from foreign countries. T____T
"I could've told you that two weeks ago," dad tells back. 

Then he told them to keep it there and he arranges with Gigantti that we'll get another wine bar (to replace it) that should be there.
Except. It's not there. So, now they have ordered us the replacement wine bar. *sigh*

Seriously. This would be hilarious if we didn't want our kitchen to be done sooner than later. Our luck with home appliances has been The worst. On monday mom&dad bought a coffee maker, electric kettle and a toaster. Out of those, ONLY the toaster didn't work, even though the people at the shop has checked it some. Well, we got a new one yesterday. T____T And our fridge, which we first waited for a month had some dents, so it needed to be replaced too. They told us that they might get it to us in a week. It took more than two. 

Aaah, I wish we'd be done soon. This is going to make me lose my mind.
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09 April 2011 @ 06:32 am
Just a quick update, since I haven't done one in ages. Today I'm going to my grandpa's funeral. We have to be in Lahti around 9am, so the wake up was at 6am. T______T Sleepy.

Well, can't be helped. I'll sleep on the car or smth. I need strength today, please send me some.

Also. Happy birthday Pi!

It's nice that there's something nice in this day too. Have an awesome day, and I see Jin already congratulated you through twitter. XD

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23 March 2011 @ 12:17 am
 お誕生日おめでとう 千賀~!

OMG, he's finally legal! XD Congrats.

On the other hand, now that he's legal we have to let Senga drink too at our larps. Too bad, it was so much fun to give Senga only half glassfull of alcohol. ("You didn't say exacyly _how many half glassfulls I get. :P") <3

Well, in the next larp we will have Juniors so there's bound to be someone underaged.

...Actually. So far we have only one underaged person. Hasshi, aka me. -.-' Damn.

Aaanyway, happy birthday Ken-chan. <3 Don't party too hard now that you're legal, so that you won't get in trouble.
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22 March 2011 @ 12:46 am
Today I was checking if I could attach my external hard-drive to our tv, because in the upcoming larp (if it's going to be held here), everyone will most likely want to watch some videos and we can't all fit in front of my computer without breaking our backs.

It worked. (So, feel free to bring your hard-drives here if the larp is going to be held here~) And I started watching some shokura clips I have while dad was working few metres behind me. First was the clip with Tama's solo T Song 1 Can Try and Kisumai's Hair. Tama's solo was nice, I sat on the floor and stared. Then Hair began. Yay~ I was hoping dad wouldn't pay attention and start commenting about their failing english. 

Hair would've been mostly okay too, except...

Taipi and his shoulder. And then a close-up of his ass when he hiprolls. On TV.

Me: ... *coughs and moves a bit on the floor so that her head is covering most of the screen* ^^;;

After that I decided to watch smth more innocent, so I showed my sister Kisumai's My Love performance, and then watched that Dancing Chairs game where Tsuka-chan repels Nika and Senga. At that point dad asked me to move to my room to watch because he doesn't want to listen. Pleh.
I would've so wanted to watch 3D Girl, but then I though that Taipi's oh-so-beautiful lyrics IN ENGLISH are a bit too... unsuitable to listen when dad is in the same room. XD
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