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11 March 2013 @ 11:48 am
I haven't made a post in here in ages. So now that one thing came up on my lecture, which made me think and want to voice out some thoughts, I decided to try and activate my journal again.

Sometimes I really can't stand humanity.

It makes me sick to my stomach to even think what people are ready to do and say. Especially on internet. Internet-bullying is so easy because of the anonymity that internet provides. And some people are so ready to take advantage of it.

My lecturer told us about how some researchers won't even dare to publish their research on internet (eg. if the research has been done about immigrants etc), because of the awful reception it gets. The comments they get, stuff like "I know where you live" "I know where your kids go to school", are so horrible. No wonder they won't dare to publish their research.

Even if those comments are usually 'a joke' and won't lead to anything, they are so awful. The thought that it might actually be real and something might happen to your own children.... I don't know. People are horrible.

My lecturer also gave us an example about some (Finnish) program that researched food that was traditional in Finland. And they came to a conclusion that many of the food that is traditional in Finland have actually come from Sweden.

That program also received some nasty comments. A famous chef of Finland was also a part of the show, and I don't remember for certain if it was actually him who the comments were directed but, there was stuff like "Don't keep making this show or you and your family's blood will spill all the way to Sweden".

Yes, it was obviously a joke too, my lecturer said. But imagine doing your job and trying to make an interesting show to people, and then receive comments that actually threaten your life. How horrible is that.

I'm so disappointed in humanity. And I get this sort of disappointed feeling every now and then, when I see or hear something like this. Of course this is only a small part of humanity compared to the whole human population on earth, but it is the part that makes one think. There are loads of good people on Earth but unfortunately there are also these sort of shitty people. And I guess there always will be so there is actually no point in this post. But I wanted to get rid of my thoughts some way.

Okay, end of rant now. What a cheerful post to make after a long time of no updating. 
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Laurarin_aokuro on March 11th, 2013 10:34 am (UTC)
This is exactly the same thing I've been wondering about when reading the recent news from North Korea and about that little girl who was murdered by her parents.

Like, it doesn't even fit in my range of thinking, how can there be so many people with such sick intentions? Like, how can people be as stupid as you said in your post; how can people be so cruel to their own (or anyone's) kids; and how is it possible that there still exists such a leftover from the communist 40s as North Korea is. I just really, really can't understand it in any way. And it makes me angry and frustrated. Of course there are many other things too that are wrong in this world but these are my latest topics of annoyance. :x