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10 August 2011 @ 08:27 am
 I have to follow my friends' examples and make a post today because, 1. I haven't posted anything in ages -again- and 2. This is something that deserves a post of its own.

Congratulations on your debut!!

(ignore the official website there, I couldn't get a picture without it. XD;) You've done well guys. ♥ I'll see you next week, 'kay?

Today, the long-awaited Japan trip is finally here! Me and kuro_chin are leaving to the airport in about... 3 hours? Approximately. The other three are already on their bus, since they have earlier flight than we have. And still we're there practically the same time. XD 

Time for some last minute packing and checking I have everything I need with me. I'm a bit worried if my luggage can take everything I need to take with me when it's time to return to Finland. Well, I'll take all my mags and stuff like that to the plane then, I can take 8kg as hand luggage. 8D Or then I'll go crawling to kuro_chin and ask her to take some of my stuff to her luggage if it's bigger. XD;; We'll see.

Was I supposed to talk about smth else? I can't remember.  So, I'll go to check my luggage. Still need to pack the uchiwa stuff for somewhere. :D See ya later guys!
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